Brabus makes some of the most sought-after custom Porsches, Mercedes-Benzes and Rolls-Royces in rich guy land. But what happens when the carbon fiber geniuses at the German tuner turn their heads to a motorcycle?

Well, you get the new Brabus 1300 R Edition 23, which is Brabus’ take on a luxury motorcycle. Because this is Brabus, the 1300 takes the KTM 1290 Super Duke R Evo and swaps out the plastic panels for carbon fiber weave, even more angular body panels, and adds luxury touches like a heated seat and machined metal levers.

Brabus 1300 R from the top in a warehouseThe KTM 1290 Super Duke R Evo platform is certainly one we’d like to try some hooligan stuff on. It’s a naked hyperbike with low weight, an immediate throttle response, and the looks of an anime gunfighter.

It’s also not a cheap bike. Out of the box, it comes in at more than $20,000 (€18,000), but it comes with some pretty trick options like a semi-active suspension. That suspension, designed by KTM subsidiary WP, adapts the bike to both the rider and the road surface and also includes a programmable anti-dive feature. Then, there’s that hooligan motor that is a 1320c CC LC8 V-twin that makes 180 horsepower (132 kW) and 103 lb.-ft (140 Nm) of torque.

A Brabus 1300 R motorcycleBrabus lightened the 1290 a bit, dropping its weight from 466-pounds (211 kg) to 427 (194) with carbon goodies. With that much power, the KTM has a better power-to-weight ratio than even the mighty Ducati Panigale.

And then there’s what Brabus added. The new Brabus gets Brabus’ Monoblock Z wheels, carbon body panels, carbon front fender and carbon belly pan, as well as a host of machined metal goodies, like the triple clamp, levers, caps, and footpegs.  The company also added a split exhaust at the back.

2 Brabus 1300 R motorcycles obscured by smokeBrabus redesigned the intake, too, deleting the intake in the split headlight and moving it to the side above a rider’s knee, like a Yamaha VMAX. The big intake certainly looks like it’ll give a ram-air effect. It now has a large round headlight.

Then, since it’s Brabus, it has the Brabus Signature Stripes just like the Brabus-modified Mercedes G-Wagons you see trolling shopping centers in Beverly Hills. The solo seat also got a remake in carbon, and it’s heated, of course, because it’s Brabus.

This is the second time Brabus has launched a 1300 R. But if you want one, act fast. Brabus is only making 290 for the world. But forget KTM orange, it only comes in Superblack or Stealth Gray color schemes. For all the Brabus upgrades, though, you’ll shell out €42,500 Euro ($45,400), with a €2,500 down payment.

A Stock KTM 1290 Duke

Brabus | Instagram

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