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Speed Read, August 1 2021

The latest motorcycle news and customs
We’ve covered all the bases this week—from a 1980s Honda CB to a rendering of the new Aprilia Tuareg 660 adventure bike. Plus a pair of Aermacchis from J. Shia, a rare 1930s V-twin from a Russian museum, and a look at BMW’s new R18 tourers.

Honda CB750F track bike by dB Customs
Honda CB Superbike by dB Customs Darren Begg is clearly a busy man. The ink had hardly dried on our feature of his Suzuki XR69 replica, when he bombarded our inbox with this drool-worthy homage to the 1982 Honda CB750-F.

Darren’s forte is old school superbikes, and the CB750 ranks among his favorites—so this track-specific client build got the star treatment. And although it resembles the ’82 CB750, it’s actually been pieced together from other bikes in true dB Customs fashion.…


Spirit of 69: dB Customs’ Suzuki XR69 race replica

Bandit-powered Suzuki XR69 tribute by dB Customs
The Suzuki XR69 holds a special place in classic superbike lore. That puts it well inside the wheelhouse of Canadian builder Darren Begg, who specializes in fast bikes from the late 70s and 80s. He’s just finished piecing together this stunning XR69 replica—with a slightly period incorrect spec sheet.

“It’s not a traditional GS1000-engined XR69,” he admits, “but I’m not much of a traditionalist. So it’s my interpretation of this historic racer.”

Bandit-powered Suzuki XR69 tribute by dB Customs
Darren operates as dB Customs out of Ottawa, Canada. He’s also a dealer for a few top-shelf parts manufacturers, so he’s a master of piecing together the best of the best on his projects. His idea here was to build a series of ten street-able XR9 replicas using his favorite components—plus a very special chassis.…


Think Big: A beastly CBX1000 from Purpose Built Moto

Honda CBX1000 cafe racer by Purpose Built Moto
There’s never a quiet moment for Tom Gilroy and the team at Purpose Built Moto in Queensland, Australia. Tom started his career fixing up old bikes in a shed on the family farm; today he runs a bustling custom business with a prodigious build output, a store full of parts, and he’s even made a film on the side.

He’s probably seen it all, but he still gets the occasional chance to try something new. Like the job he’s just finished on this slightly scary CBX1000.

Honda CBX1000 cafe racer by Purpose Built Moto
“We get a few projects every year that really make me step back, and take stock on what we’re doing,” says Tom. “This CBX1000 is one of those builds. When Honda released this six-cylinder in 1978, it got a lot of people talking: it was not only the fastest production bike ever made, but also an engineering feat.”…


Top Five Harley-Davidson Sportsters, Part One: Ironheads

Top five Harley-Davidson Ironhead Sportsters
Harley-Davidson has just rebooted one of the world’s longest-running model lines, with the launch of the new Sportster S. But remarkably, it’s only the third major engine update in the Sportster’s 60-plus years on this earth.

Before the new Revolution Max-powered Sportster S came, we had the Evolution motor that debuted in 1986. And before that, the iconic Ironhead. But throughout each era, the Sportster has always been a mainstay of the custom scene.

Custom Harley-Davidson Ironhead Sportster by Max Hazan
To celebrate, we’ve rounded up our ten favorite Sportster builds, divided by their motors. This week, we’re featuring five top-shelf Ironheads from some of the world’s best custom builders—including illustrious names like Max Hazan [above] and Hideya Togashi [below].

Next week, it’s the Evo’s turn.

Harley ironhead: A custom Sportster from Hide Motorcycle of Japan
Hide Motorcycle There’s a long history of Japan’s love for Americana, and the humble Sportster is no exception.…


Tasty Ténéré: Deus Italia customizes the Yamaha T7

Custom Yamaha T7 by Deus ex Machina Italy
By all accounts, the new Yamaha Ténéré 700 is a smash hit. Its 689 cc parallel twin motor is a total peach, and its no-frills approach, off-road chops and rally racer looks add to its mass appeal. But we never would have pegged it as a platform for customization.

Deus ex Machina Italy saw potential in the T7 though. They’ve given it a massive shot of retro rally raid style—resulting in a radical and stylish machine that doesn’t sacrifice a stitch of performance.

Custom Yamaha T7 by Deus ex Machina Italy
Redesigning a modern dual-sport is a bold move, but the Deus Italy team was clever about it. They took the kit build approach, by binning the T7’s stock plastics, and creating a whole new set of bodywork to sit on its solid bones.…


Speed Read, July 25 2021

The latest customs, motorcycle news, and a comic from MV Agusta
A classy Triumph Thruxton from Poland, a beautifully restored Husqvarna desert racer from California, and a very rapid Triumph Sprint 900 cafe racer from Norway. Plus, of all things, a comic from MV Agusta…

Custom Triumph Thruxton by Unikat
Triumph Thruxton by Unikat Triumph has a knack of building bikes that look good right out of the box: despite the healthy sales figures, we don’t see many customized ‘modern classics.’ And the Thruxton seems to be the model that owners are happiest with.

This modest but thoughtful custom from Unikat retains the Thruxton’s visual appeal but takes everything up a notch. Shop boss Grzegorz Korczak tells us that the client brief was simple: “Make this modern bike look as vintage as possible.”

Custom Triumph Thruxton by Unikat
The Wrocław, Poland workshop have built a new seat and tail cover for the 2016-spec Triumph, and remodeled the back of the frame to get everything to flush-fit.…


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