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7/8" (22MM) Flex handlebars are available now!!! Black and Silver color in stock!

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The upgraded compound helps to enhance APE RACING flex bars' shock absorbing capability.

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L’ultimo: A Ghezzi-Brian 1100 built by a Yorkshire engineer

Ghezzi-Brian Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport i.e.
Back in the 90s, Moto Guzzi was mostly associated with old school, rumbling v-twin engines. Ducati had stolen the sporting crown, and the Mandello factory was increasingly out of sync with the market. Production figures tumbled: highs of over 45,000 in the early seventies fell to a dismal 3,274 units in 1993.

As part of an effort to turn things around, Guzzi revealed the 1100 Sport. Still an air-cooled v-twin, it pumped out 90 hp and offered a more relaxed alternative to the Ducati 916.

Ghezzi-Brian Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport i.e.
These days, the 916 is a bona fide icon. But not everyone wants a backbreaking sportbike that doesn’t come alive until you hit 6,000 rpm. So the classic Guzzi has a small but devoted following, and is well served by aftermarket specialists like Ghezzi-Brian.…


Testastretta Tracker: Alex Earle’s custom Monster S4RS

Ducati Monster S4RS track racer by Earle Motors
Alex Earle broke onto the custom scene emphatically ten years ago, when he designed a monocoque carbon fiber body for the iconic Ducati Monster M900. The first Earle Motors build was a stunner with 19” wheels, wide bars and oversized number boards; a street tracker before street trackers were cool.

Alex has replicated that kit a number of times since, in both fiberglass and carbon fiber variants, and even adapted it to fit Suicide Machine Co.’s mental Harley Softail. But he’s always wanted to revisit his original Ducati design, with a twist: a much bigger emphasis on performance. So he’s built another signature Earle Motors bike—only this time, it’s a track-focused brute.

Ducati Monster S4RS track racer by Earle Motors
Alex chose the 2007 Ducati Monster S4RS for this project, for its legendary Testastretta motor and worthy parts spec.…


Speed Read, January 23, 2022

The latest motorcycle news, customs and electric bikes..
It’s all about the high end this week, with a titanium-framed beauty from CCM in the UK, a very rapid Ducati Monster from California, and an elegant Guzzi 850T from Austria. Plus a cutting-edge electric startup from Canada. Quality ain’t cheap.

CCM Heritage ‘71 Ti limited edition
CCM Heritage ‘71 Ti limited edition The world is a tough place for small motorcycle manufacturers, but CCM has endured. The English company hit its 50th anniversary last year, and to celebrate, they’ve released a ‘Heritage’ edition of their perky 600cc Spitfire single.

Just 71 examples of this edition will be built, with pricing and exact specifications yet to be formally released. But from the information we have to hand, it’s all looking very good.

CCM Heritage ‘71 Ti limited edition
The trellis frame of the CCM Heritage is crafted from lightweight, aerospace grade titanium.…


Electric Motorcycles: The state we’re in

2022 electric motorcycle industry analysis
We’re beyond debating whether or not the future of personal transportation is electric. Government bans on internal combustion engines are no longer decades-away concepts; they’re right around the corner. Harley-Davidson spun off its electric future into an entirely separate company, BMW recently released a slew of intriguing concepts, Husqvarna is teasing a number of battery-powered vehicles, and Triumph and Kawasaki both have concepts in the pipeline.

It’s a watershed moment for the electric motorcycle industry, and, by extension, the motorcycle industry at large. And it’s a moment worth taking a snapshot of—so we rounded up a handful of experts in this space, and hurled a few basic questions their way.

2022 electric motorcycle industry analysis
Our panel includes Dave Mucci, one of the most gifted industrial designers and custom motorcycle builders we know, and who is now senior designer at Zero.…


WKND Warrior: A Honda CG125 scrambler from Portugal

Custom Honda CG125 motorcycle
There’s a tipping point where a hobby turns into a career, and Sérgio Almeida is sitting on it. Based in Portugal, he started WKND Customs while holding down a full time job as a designer—hence the name. But thanks to an influx of orders, he now he splits his daytime hours between bikes and freelance art direction work.

It’s easy to see why. This 1998 Honda CG125 scrambler is only his third build, but it’s so tastefully executed that you’d swear he’s been doing it for years.

Custom Honda CG125 motorcycle
It took some elbow grease to get it looking this good though, partly because the donor bike was a total wreck. “The client bought the bike very cheap, and brought it to me dismantled in the trunk of his car,” Sérgio tells us.…


Super Fly: A custom Suzuki TS185 with 90s steeze

Suzuki TS185 street tracker by SPKS Lab
The 90s was a weird and wonderful time for graphic design. And nowhere was this more pronounced than in the motocross scene, where bikes and gear were slathered in retina-searing colors and chaotic patterns. Australian custom builder Cheyne Speak has captured a little bit of that vibe with this Suzuki TS185 street tracker, and we’re all for it.

Cheyne’s based in Perth, where he works as a motorcycle postie (that’s a postal delivery officer, if you’re not familiar with Aussie slang). He’s been into motocross, BMX and hot rods all his life, but this is a first time he’s built a custom street bike. And it’s a stellar effort.

Suzuki TS185 street tracker by SPKS Lab
Starting with a basket case 1976 Suzuki TS185, Cheyne kicked off the project with no particular direction in mind.…


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