Speed Read, May 22, 2022

The latest motorcycle news and customs.
This week’s offering includes two very different Honda CB750 customs from two different parts of the world. But first, we look at a KTM SuperDuke 990 by Outsiders Motorcycles, and a rare ISDT Triumph.

Custom KTM Super Duke 990 by Outsiders Motorcycles 990
KTM Super Duke 990 by Outsiders Motorcycles Judging by this radical KTM Super Duke, ‘Outsiders’ is as on the nose as custom shop names get. Builder BertJan Blok has built his fair share of trad customs—but he’s also know for thinking way outside the box.

BertJan’s client on this project spotted one such bike (a bright pink Husqvarna Vitpilen 701), and wanted something similar. But he stands well over two meters tall, and so the 701’s proportions would have been way off. A 2006-model KTM Super Duke 990 was picked as a donor instead, and soon the entire concept morphed into entirely its own animal.…

Urban Drifter: A Kymco street tracker from Taiwan

Custom Kymco KTR 150 by Twentytwo Custom
Kymco isn’t a big name in the West, outside of scooter circles. But it’s a different story in their home country of Taiwan, where this custom Kymco KTR 150 hails from. The KTR is one of Kymco’s more popular models there—and as you can tell, it lends itself fairly well to customization.

Taiwan’s custom scene is rapidly expanding, and the shop behind this KTR 150, Twentytwo Custom, is dedicated to the cause. They’re the custom branch of Persist Motorcycle Company—a Taiwanese motorcycle culture and apparel brand. Collaborating with Tough Tracker from Taichung, they set about creating this cute street tracker, which they’ve named ‘Urban Drifter.’

Custom Kymco KTR 150 by Twentytwo Custom
The client gave Twentytwo mostly free rein over the bike’s design. “He had only two requests,” says Twentytwo’s lead designer, Dong Lin.…

Gelände/Strasse: The Dyna Low Rider S, done two ways

Custom Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider S by MB Cycles
The 2016-model Dyna Low Rider S was the last hurrah for Harley-Davidson’s beloved Dyna. The Motor Co. was on the cusp of absorbing the Dyna range into their new Milwaukee-Eight Softail line, and had time to cram in one last variant. So they restyled the iconic Low Rider, bumped it from 103 to 110 ci, dropped in a hotter cam and tacked an ‘S’ onto the name.

The resulting bike was a total hoot to ride—noodley Dyna frame and all. And while the newer Softail Low Rider S is a rad bike in its own right, there’s still something special about the original Low Rider S that gets Dyna bros all hot under their Carhartt collars.

Custom Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider S by MB Cycles
Most Low Rider S customs get the Californian ‘club style’ treatment, but these two tire shredders from MB Cycles in Heidelberg, Germany walk a different path.…


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